Ladislav Jurovatý jr.


Ladislav Jurovatý Jr. was born in Bratislava, Slovakia. He studied silver and gold jewellery making at Kremnica Art School, and went on to obtain a Masters Degree in Art at the University of Komensky which lead him to teach young students the skills of jewellery making, but Mr. Jurovatý was constantly progressing and improving his work.

Mr. Ladislav Jurovatý Jr. found his passion in metal works, initially creating fine jewellery and gradually incorporating his skills and talents to create masterpieces in the great tradition of Slovak wirework, which his father revitalized. Mr. Jurovatý's work includes wire sculpture, wall reliefs, ornamental baskets and platters, sometimes incorporating wrought iron. Mr. Jurovatý's work combines old traditions with his own unique style to make real wire magic.