Welcome to Wire Magic - A Guide to Wire Crafts. Within these pages you'll find simple wirework projects, information about pliers and cutters, a gallery of work by artists from around the world, a listing of wire and tool suppliers and introductions to books about wire work including Michael Ball's Wire Magic.


Check out the wirework artists from around the world.


Tool Kit
A guide to tools and equipment for wire crafts.

Wirework is becoming increasingly popular - a glance around almost any interiors shop will often reveal dozens of items made from wire, and many craft shops now stock wire of all types and descriptions.

It would be easy to assume that this is a recent trend, but the origins of the craft can be traced back over four hundred years to central Europe, where generations of tinkers made a living repairing items with wire. This small scale craft developed until at its height tens of thousands of people were employed as wireworkers across America and Europe making everything from fruit bowls and lampshades to chandeliers and elaborate pieces of furniture.

Today there are dozens of different kinds of wire available in all sorts of surface finishes and colors, but some things haven't changed. Wirework is still a craft that relies on simple hand tools rather than expensive equipment, and many of the skills and techniques of modern wireworkers are identical to those used by travelling tinkers for centuries.


Try your hand at these simple wirework projects.

Books about wire including Michael Ball's Wire Magic.

Where to buy wire, pliers and cutters.


For more information about the history of wirework, take a look at the Tinkers of Slovakia.

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