This bookmark is made from 1mm dia. brass wire - this wire is ideal as it's naturally quite springy. Steel wire is also suitable.

You will need:

* Straight nose pliers

*Household pliers

*Round nose pliers

*Wire cutters

*Tape measure

*1mm dia. wire


1. Cut a 14 inch length of wire. Mark the centrepoint and make a series of eleven right angle bends with a pair of household pliers using the first illustration as a guide. To ensure that each bend is equally placed, use the width of the jaws of the pliers as a guide.

2. Tighten all of the angles apart from the one at either end until you've formed a star shape. Use the image of the completed bookmark at the bottom of this page as a template if necessary.

3. Straighten out the angle at each end until the two ends meet, then form bend each end outwards at a point approx. one inch up from the top of the star.

4. Grip the wires where they meet at the top of the star with a pair of straight nose or household pliers. Using a second pair of pliers (mole grips, also known as locking pliers are ideal for this job if you have them) grip the wires one inch up from the top of the star and twist evenly.

5. Trim both ends to the same length. Use a pair of round-nose pliers to twist each end into a spiral (these clip behind the page).


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