This candlestick is made from dark annealed steel wire and the metal cap from a beer bottle! You could also use brass or copper wire.

You will need:

  • 49cm (20 inches) of 1.5mm/16 gauge dark annealed steel wire
  • 320cm (10 foot 6 inches) of 1mm/19 gauge dark annealed steel wire
  • 55cm (22 inches) of 0.5mm/25 gauge dark annealed steel wire
  • Beer bottle cap
  • Straight nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Tape measure
  • Permanent marker
1 Cut 12 x 20cm (8inch) lengths of 1mm/19 gauge wire. Bend each wire in half to form a 'V' shape and bend a small loop approximately 1cm (1/2inch) from each end.

Cut two lengths of 1.5mm/6 gauge wire - one 34cm (14inches) long and one 15cm (6inches) long. using a pair of round nose pliers, bend a loop on the end of each length. hook them together and crimp them closed.



2. Join the first of the 12 'V' shaped lengths of wire onto the small circle by hooking the loops over the top of the circle. Each subsequent 'V' shaped wire interlinks with the previous wires. Continue adding wires until you get to the eleventh wire. One end of this wire should be woven over and under the previous wires as shown in the illustration, while the other end goes under the right hand end of the first wire before hooking onto the circle. The twelfth wire fits between these two wires - the right end follows the usual pattern while the left end goes under the right hand end of the first wire and over the right hand end of the second wire before linking onto the circle.
3. When all 12 wires are in position, place the larger of the two circles made in step 1 under the loops at the bottom of the candlestick. Before binding the wires in position, make twelve equally spaced marks around the circle (there's a template at the bottom of this page which you can use as a guide). Bind one end of a 55cm (22inch) length of 0.5mm/25gauge wire and attach one end to the large circle by binding it with a couple of turns. Bind this wire around the circle locking each of the 'V' shaped wires in place as you go.
4. Position the beer bottle cap under the small circle. This should be quite a tight fit. Cut a 7cm (3inch) length of 1mm wire and make a right-angled bend 2cm (just under 1 inch) from each end. Fit it around the bottle cap and thread the ends outside the circle, bending them over to lock the cap to the candle holder.Trim the ends back to 5mm (1/4inch).
5. To make the crown wires, cut 6 x 8cm (3inch) lengths of 1mm/19gauge wire. Bend each wire in half. Using straight nose pliers bend a loop 1cm from each end. Join these wires around the top of the small circle and trim the ends back to 5mm (1/4 inch long). Each crown wire should have six ends of the 'V' shaped between its two ends, and each should overlap one third of the way over its neighbour.
6. To make the little spirals either side of the candleholder, cut a 17cm (7inches) length of 1mm wire and make a right-angled bend 7cm (3inches) from each end. Thread the ends of the wire either side of the bottle cap. Push the ends up outside the small circle and through the crown wires. The ends of this wire should come inside the crown wires. Bend the ends of the wire out at a right angle and use a pair of round nose pliers to curl each end up into a spiral.

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